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Software - Hardware Analysis and Recommendations

Karus™ would under take an analysis of the technical aspects of the clients systems/applications and the day-to-day operation of the users.

Karus™ would detail the current configuration (hardware/software) and identify the key business processes that the IT infrastructure supports.

At a detailed level this would include how the systems have been designed and architected. Karus™ provides information about the comments, the quality of the coding and system documentation. The management of Change control - new software is also detailed together with the current user perceptions of the system and the how the interface is used.

We would detail any short comings of both business processes and the system. This would include system performance issues (network, server and memory management) including the integrity of the database. Backup strategies, disaster recovery and security issues would also be analysed.

During the analysis process we can report any immediate problems and make appropriate recommendations. Our conclusion would include a development business system road map with cost estimates.

Karus™ relevant case study: Siemens VAI - Document Register

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