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Siemens VAI - Document Register


Siemens VAI ( Siemens VAI ) specialises in design and engineering solutions for hot and cold steel and aluminium rolling mills. Process lines for aluminium and stainless steel, automation and optical measurement products for the steel and aluminium industry and metallurgical services for equipment suppliers are also provided by the business.

Siemens VAI also focuses on services and solutions for the iron and steel industry, including blast furnaces, steel making and continuous casting.


Siemens VAI sends out and receives thousands of documents on a weekly basis and recording the movement of these documents is imperative for operational and quality assurance purposes. Because of the need to integrate systems across the individual business segments of the company a common system for dealing with documentation is under development by Siemens VAI. This system is not yet operational and currently control of documents is by means of spreadsheet on a project by project basis.


Karus Systems have provided an interim solution in the form of a Document Register application which records and controls outgoing and incoming documents. The Document Register has enabled Siemens VAI to import all of their previous data from spreadsheet into the new solution, developed in C# using SQL Server 2005. The solution utilized Microsoft Click Once technology so that all updates were automatically applied.
The Document Register application records all documents, records the version history and keeps an audit trail of outgoing and incoming transmittals. It also links to the actual documents on the server and can generate reports in CSV and PDF formats. Multiple users can work on a project at the same time and data is validated when entered which eliminates the possibility of duplicate data input. It also links to the actual documents on the server and can generate lists of documents for internal and external issue.
This application offers Siemens VAI a short to medium term solution to a problem and improves efficiency when handling documentation.


"We use the software to record and control outgoing and incoming documentation on various large projects. The efficiency gains were immediate with the added benefit of keeping an audit trail of documents for quality assurance purposes"
"A first class piece of software"

Assistant Chief Engineer, Siemens VAI (Stockton)

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