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Traffic Control System


GEC Traffic Automation Ltd and Essex County Council.


To provide a mechanism that allowed contra-flow traffic flow in each tunnel (North and South bound bores)* and control all traffic signals within the Dartford Tunnel and up to 5km before the tunnel entrance.

Provide controlled shutdown of tunnel whilst minimising the disruption to traffic flow. Cater for scenarios (e.g. fire in the tunnel, road accidents) by the appropriate selection of road side signalling.


A computer system was developed that allowed all traffic signals to be controlled from the master control tower. The controls include the selection of contra-flow working in either tunnel bore and emergency shut down procedures.

The system was simulated off site and at our offices in Rugby. This provided means of testing both normal and abnormal situations against Client test scripts.

A large mosaic display (3m x 2m) was used in the control room.


"A very innovative system" - GEC Traffic Automation.

*The two tunnels each 1.4 kilometers long are now configured to four lanes of traffic northbound, and the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge, 2.8 kilometres long carries four lanes of traffic southbound

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