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Barclays Bank - Staff Recruitment Software


Barclays Bank - Reed Employment Services


To provide an effective means of recruiting staff for all call centres across the country. Integrate advertising campaigns and psychometric testing into all applications. Generate a telephone question and answer system to sift out the weaker candidates. Provide an extensive set of reports for management and generate all necessary communication though Microsoft Office and Outlook Automation tools.


A Microsoft database drives the application process through the selection of routines and screen displays. The application was developed for ease of use and minimise any training needs due to its intuitive design.

All letter processing was automated though Office to enable the automatic generation letters A SQL database drives the interactive product demonstration with links to compiled reports visualising the layout and design of the actual product.

A survey was created to capture user feedback and the site is regularly updated based on evaluation of the feedback received.


"Very effective excellent" - Barclaycall

"It enabled us to coordinate the recruitment of nearly 500 staff across 3 call centres and manage some 20000 applications. Without the system that Karus provided we would never had meet the strict deadlines set by Barclaycall" - Reed Employment Services.

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