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Data Migration Application


Global Pharmaceutical Company (European Headquarters)


To develop a Windows application to migrate the companies UK's current standard biometrics repositories into the new Biometric standard directory structure (BSDS) being implemented at the Global R & D centre (European Headquarters).


Karus created a new tool which enabled the client to work together as a Global Pharmaceutical company by storing all their biometrics data and projects in the same format. It also dealt with the complications of converting from a Windows file structure to UNIX and verified all migrated data using SHA-512 (Secure Hash Algorithm 512 bit).

The tool was developed using Microsoft .NET and Microsoft Access. It was installed on a Windows Server to enable multiple users.


"We chose Karus to develop this solution as their proposals were as close as they could get to our specification. They understood our needs precisely and offered a simple yet reliable solution to get the job done."

"We thank Karus for their knowledge and expertise which made this transition within our Company as smooth as possible."

IT & Biometric Director,
European R&D

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