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Cable Design System


Columbus Steel (South Africa).


Provide a means of generating all the cabling requirements that are needed for the installation of a Steel Mill Production facility. Generate reports to enable all cable quantities to be assessed. The production of AutoCAD drawings to enable all wiring information to be conveyed to installation personnel.


The use of Microsoft FoxPro and the display capabilities of AutoCAD led to the production of a unique software tool. The system was able to calculate cable diameter size for all power cables, provide installation details and terminal schedules.

The system was also able to report on changes to the cable requirements, as equipment design changes occurred. The average number of cables used on each Mill was typically 7,000 with over 250,000 termination records.

All the calculations that were used for cable size were independently verified by reusable test scripts built into the application.


"A very effective tool that significantly reduced installations time scales" - GEC (Project engineers).

"Produced real cost savings on the overall project" - Company directors

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